Link Out

If you want to be an affiliate website please drop me a note to: [email protected] and i will be back at you after i review your site. If your website meets the requirements your text link and/or banner will be added to this page.

  • What kind of sites do we accept? easy:
      * Anime, Manga or Videogame blogs and websites
      * A minimum rank in alexa, if you can give me numbers that'd be nice (dont worry im not to rigid on this but i want traffic just like you).
      * Prefferable a well designed site, im edgy on this.
      * Content and updates, ophan sites NO thank you
      * English websites only

  • Sites we DO NOT accept, so dont bother asking:
      * Websites with Hentai or pornographic content
      * Malicious sites with malware
      * No torrents or anime stream, we are proud to be a legit website and we support official anime and videogame releases
      * Non english websites.
      * Overly abused ads and pop-ups, that is a no on my book