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Reviews, news and posts related to videogames, The Ultimate Gamer’s Hangout Spot is the best spot to hang out on Tuesdays and Thursdays in San Francisco if you are a gamer. All types of games from video to board and everything in between are present and if their isn’t something you see just bring it. Continue reading

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Marvel Heroes 2015 Review

Marvel Heroes is a free to play action role playing game where you get to play with a huge selection of your favorite Marvel Heroes. It is quite fun to beat up super villains you grew up with as heroes with your friends. Continue reading

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Heroes of the Storm Preview

I was lucky enough to become a part of the Alpha for Heroes of the Storm. This is Blizzards attempt to create a MOBA. It is quite funny to see Blizzard creating their own MOBA since they created Warcraft III,…

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One Piece Unlimited World Red Review (Wii U)

Developer: Ganabarion Publisher: Namco/Bandai Platform: Wii U (Review Copy) 3DS, Playstation 3, PSVITA Price: (eu/us) £33.49 Disk Copy £43.39 Digital Download (Nintendo E Shop) 3DS £26.49 (Cartridge) PS3 £29.38 £44.99 straw hat edition Ps Vita £29.85 Release Date: (eu/us) July…

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The Last Federation Review

The galaxy is still young filled with different species that can be influenced to unite and become a peaceful united federation. You have the power and the ability to unite the galaxy together before differences in culture and thinking start to clash and fill the galaxy with war and greed. Continue reading

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