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VIZ Media Presents POKEMON MANGA Creators At 2016 Comic-Con

Do you love the Pokemon games and the manga? then we have good news for you Pokefans! If you plan to attend the 2016 comic-con this year. VIZ Media presents the creators of the famed POKÉMON ADVENTURES manga series –…

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ONE-PUNCH MAN Anime Series Debuts On Toonami

Great news for all the Saitama fans out there, VIZ Media and Adult Swim’s Toonami are teaming up to bring this popular anime later this month. That’s right, the hilarious anime is coming to america, so rejoice and enjoy one…

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Viz Media to Deliver Simultanous Japan/US Manga Debuts

Was truly surprised to read this, also very excited to see we will be able to enjoy this feature via WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP digital manga magazine soon. Starting with JUDOS, a new manga title by the author Shinsuke Kondo. This…

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VIZ Media Announces Release of new Pokemon Manga Box Sets

I love everything pokemon and this news has me really happy, VIZ Media will release two full manga sets really soon, the first being Pokemon Adventures Ruby & Sapphire, if you are into the hype for the upcoming remakes of…

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