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Review: Groove Coaster

Ported from a popular Japanese series of rhythm games, Groove Coaster was recently added to the Steam catalogue. With a vertical screen resolution and some legit fun tunes, it's one of the better rhythm games on the platform right now. Even if rhythm games are not your thing, it's worth checking this one out.

Preview: Cloudbuilt

This weekend we decided to take a look at this game that promises a lot. Rising Star’s and Coilworks’s Cloudbuilt has been greenlit and will be released on Steam Next month. The first impression i got of the game was pure enjoyment, I can’t deny that the first thing that crossed my mind was “Omg, […]

Insurgency Preview

is a realistic tactical shooter that emphasizes being careful and deadly. This first-person shooter is all about close quarter tactics just as you can imagine from a game named Insurgency. Expect intense action where each bullet can kill you and if you don't think you will be dead before you realize it.

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Shelter (PC) Preview

Might and Delight, the guys behind the platformer Pid, present us a new project named Shelter. This is a new game that promises a different experience, you play as a badger taking care of your cubs in this nature inspired survival adventure. You must provide them with food, hunt for them, take care of wildlife […]

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Preview: Confrontation

We’ve had the chance to play a preview build Confrontation Developed by Cyanide Studio. This is a a new tactical strategy RPG title set in a fantasy world known as Aarklash, in which four factions are trying to gain control. The story develops around this rivalry and how new and abominable beings created by the […]

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