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The Game Machine: Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Review

Final Fantasy goes for a darker tone in Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. Originally a Japanese exclusive to the PSP we finally see its first English debut and first M rated game in the series. Time to take you back…

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Review: Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

The last game available in retail stores in North America for the PSP, Sweet Fuse is an Otome mystery-solving Visual Novel.

The game’s characters are hostages inside a theme park. The protagonist, along with 6 others, is then forced into a survival game, in which the lives of the other hostages are at stake. Continue reading

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The Game Machine: Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late Video Review

Small Doujin developer French Bread has finally made its way westward with Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late on the PS3.  A 2D fighter that has been out in Japan for a few months now. Is this game a night to…

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Review: Cho Dengeki Stryker

Cho Dengeki Stryker is an action and story driven tale, with choices and multiple endings, featuring quite an interesting plot proposal: What if Shonen-manga characters existed in the real world? Continue reading

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Review: Life of Pixel

It’s become apparent for some time that many of the Indie developers creating 2D platformers these days are longtime fans of classic videogames. From the visuals to the audio to the insertion of iconic references, these modern platformers always seem to insert an homage or two that celebrates the retro games of yesteryear. Continue reading

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