Anime Courtyard Radio is Live!


Yep folks, Anime Courtyard Radio is now live! Although what we have loaded on it at the moment is very little to what we want, but it’s a start! If you want to check out the station, it is listed (on the very last page, but none-the-less!) on the shoutcast list under Anime in Winamp. I’ll also provide some links for WMP, iTunes, and such after this post. But yes, if there is anything, anything anime/japanese music wise you want to hear, I’m up for request/adding music. To make a request, just simply Email us at, supply us with the song’s artist and title, and if at all possible the file itself, we’ll put it up as soon as we get it. Here in the near future, I’ll come up with a list of all the songs that I have available, that way I can maybe save you the trouble of having to send a file, cause I know uploading a 7mb file isn’t the quickest thing on earth. So tune in for some nice anime music!

Winamp Playlist

iTunes Playlist

Windows Media Player Playlist

Real Player Playlist