Castle Crashers Team up Arena Update (PS3)

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The mayor of behemothtown released new information for the PS3 release of Castle Crashers, this is a the implementation of team up in the arena mode, this means you will be able to team up with friends in a 2-4vs battles against teams of 1 to 4 players.

I can see many xbox 360 owners complain “wai wai… wai not on the 360z?!” but take in mind they decided to rewrite the code for the playstation 3 release allowing them to include new things the code for the 360 cant, and unless they decide (oh please guys be my guest, do eet!) to rewrite the code for the 360 version only the Playstation 3 owners will enjoy these new features.

Here’s the new video released by the behemoth, for more pictures and information head to their developers blog.. enjoy!

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