Halo Waypoint Impressions (Mario)


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Hello gaming lovers, i bet many of you are screaming “oh noes another Halo Waypoint blog, RUN FOR YOUR POPPERS” but hey relax even being aproved to be a beta tester i live in mexico and could not check this for myself until today but THAT is a rant for a different post, let’s focus and talk of Halo Waypoint shall we?

you can find Halo Waypoint in your Games Marketplace free of charge, this is available for Gold members and for a limited time for Silver members as well (if you dont have gold, hurry GET IT NAO!)


First impressions:
Graphically speaking the designs are excelent giving a feel of the spartan visor from the game with a more military twist to it, with this said we have 2 areas to explore “Intel” and “Career” which i will explain next.

Here you can see news and updates around the Halo world, every monday you will get an update for what’s coming that week, this include interviews, videos and more, probably the most exiting buy furosemide 20 mg uk for me is the addition of the long awaited Halo Legends anime that will be broadcasted every saturday straight into your 360 via Halo Waypoint (every saturday an episode to be available for 24 hours, this of course free of charge for you the Halo fans)
in the bottom left you can see how many of your friends are playing Halo 3, nothing fancy but is good addition i believe.

this is something many will love, especially as you will get free rewards for your avatar as you unlock new achievements in Halo 3, Halo Wars and Halo 3: ODST. the very first time you log into Halo Waypoint you will obtain a free Monitor for your avatar (i cant say more but… LOVE IT!) as you unlock achievements these are turned into milestones, and Waypoint Awards are obtained everytime you reach a new milestone, obtaining more avatar awards.


Waypoint awards are divided into categories and tiers to show your area of expertise in the many Halo games, this is interesting for so buy abilify in canada many competitive players out there (yeah i know you are one of them >:] )

Halo Legends:
Starting this saturday, november 7th the premiere of the very first episode of the Halo anime will be available for 24 hours via Halo Waypoint, we will obtain a new episode every saturday, this is by far what have me more exited enthusiastic about Halo Waypoint.

if you have been following the news of this anime you may know the quality and time devoted to this, something any Halo fan cant miss (you bet i wont)


The companies involved in the different Halo Legends are: Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4 C and Toei Animation and directed by Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed), if you remember The Animatrix, Halo Legends is supposed to follow a similar format with short stories about the Halo universe (not just aorund Master Chief) i myself cant wait to see the story of The Arbiter.

Final Comments:
If you are not a fan of the Halo universe definitely this is not for you, as may be a fansy RSS feed service at most.. highly recommended for Halo fans,
We in Anime Courtyard will be posting our thoughts of the episodes every saturday, i wish i could give you a more in-depth review of Halo Waypoint but i really wanted to post about it while the hype is fresh, thanks for reading and KEEP GAMING!