November 13, 2009


Hmm… I don’t really know what to write about… but I’ll put something down. Getting ready to catch up on the latest episode of Kimi ni Todoke, but before I do that, guess I should blog, lol. I got my shelves put up last night (11/11/2009) and filled them with some of my figures and such earlier today. I’d have to day… I can’t believe I almost have them full! But then again, I did space out several of the figures. I just have too much crap. Ah yay, YELLOW ALERT from Trigun just started playing. 😉 That makes me happy… Umm… let’s see, yea, from the shelving, I am having some nice back spasms. The area I got to work with, was at times very cramped, plus having to put all my weight and force into the drill just to get the screws into the studs… it was such a pain. Took 4 hours just to get the blasted things up. But, now, they’re up, and awaiting phase 2 of my room project, which would be painting. Can’t wait to do that! (SARCASM, HA!) Now, on to other business type-stuff. I’m going to be uploading more music to the shoutcast server, so we can hopefully have more than 8.5 hours worth of music going. Any suggestions or request, please, please, lend them to us! Either email us at [email protected] (Yea, webhost is still being lame) or post on the forums, posting’s not that hard, now is it? D; Let’s see what else… nothing much else I suppose, so uh… yea. Join the forums, post, share, listen to Anime Courtyard Radio, and tell your friends! Also! Suggestions of things you’d like to see on the site would be a great help! Thanks for reading my poor excuse for blogging! Oyasumi nasai.