Shaman King Returns!


The highly popular Shaman King by Hiroyuki Takei makes a return with a new manga! To be published in the Jump X (KAI) magazine on november 10. This new chapter has 44-pages, including full-color pages opening the story, plus a poster that im sure will be desired by many.

The new story will be a one shot manga, this will be an untold “Zero Story” focusing on the main character Yoh Asakura.
Seems that this new story will be the beginning of a major project of Shaman King, which could be revealed this next spring.

Shaman King Manga

We can only speculate, it is possible that it is a new manga or maybe a new anime that follows the manga story unlike the previous one? Whatever this new project is, im sure it will be great news for any Shaman King fans around the world.