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January 18, 2010: Arrapago Remnants Salvage. (FFXI)

Now, to take some time out, and enter the world of Vana’diel, particularly the role of an Adventurer from the nation of Bastok; Sleih. For this first account, we join Sleih (Shiva server) upon the Aht Urhgan endgame mission of…

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2010… New Decade Has Started. One Year And Counting.

Well, here we are… it’s January 16th already… I have been a lifeless sack-o-s*** to Anime Courtyard the last several weeks… There haven’t been any updates, no new projects, and no ACRadio. But do not fret, I believe the start…

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Anime Courtyard Radio: Down, But Not Fallen. (Updated 12/9/09 @2:44AM EST)

Incase there were some who were wondering; Yes, Anime Courtyard Radio is down. Reason being: I never got the payment invoice, so they cut the cord on us. Does this mean ACR is gone forever? No. The server is technically…

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Quick Entry for Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

Just wanting to get on here real quick and say how frustrated I am with things involving this website. But if someone actually cared, I wouldn’t be so frustrated! So, in turn I’ll be heading to Indianapolis to watch the…

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Anime Courtyard Radio Update: Over An Hour of New Music Added.

New songs added today 11/17/2009: Carry Me Away by Kagami Seira from Kaiba Never by Kagami Seira from Kaiba Light of Dawn by Annabel from Tatakau Shisho -The Book of Bantorra Wonder Wind by ELISA from Hayate no Gotoku!! (op…

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