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Mamorukun Curse! Review

Mamorukun Curse! is a arcade style shoot em up with anime inspired art.This game has you using spirit powers to defeat ghosts in the netherworld.

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New Supercell song featuring Hatsune Miku

We got news from the popular Japanese pop group Supercell, and the news is they got a new song with vocals from the Popular Hatsune Miku. The new song titled SEKIRANUN GRAFFITI, and it is up for grabs at ITunes and Amazon. So if you’re a fan of Supercell and the diva Hatsune Miku not […]

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Hatsune Miku arcade game debuts at 2011 J-POP Summit this weekend

Heading to the 2011 J-POP Summit and love Hatsune Miku? well dont miss the chance to play the new Hatsune Miku arcade game! SEGA and New People brings this jaw dropping arcade game a lot of fans will love. Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade is being shipped from Japan as a special treat for J-Pop […]

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Moon Diver Review

Heard of Moon Diver? if you had the chance to see pictures or videos of this great game you’ll think it looks familiar, and You are not wrong. Koichi Yotsui, the creator of the fantastic Strider returns with this title, it is not a sequel but could be considered the spiritual successor to the classic […]

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Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram XBLA Review

Just like in the decade of the 50’s everything was atomic in the 90’s everything was virtual, specially in the gaming industry and lots of “virtual” titles was released, one of them Virtual-On by SEGA. Released in the japanese arcades in the year 1998 and later ported to the SEGA Dreamcast in 1999, this unique […]

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