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Review: Destiny (PS3)

Destiny has been one of the most awaited games this year and for good reasons, one it's Bungie, the acclaimed studio behind the highly popular Halo franchise. Known for creating awesome music and great universes within their games. The second is of course hype...

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Bikes from anime and videogames to remember

Playing No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, the fantastic design of the bike our hero rides made me think “hmm akira” and i decided to compile a small list of memorable bikes from anime and videogames. May not be a complete list, you may or not agree with it but i think a lot of you […]

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Halo Reach – Birth of a Spartan Live Action Short Premiers April 27

Yup that’s right folks, tomorrow if you live in the buy adderall ireland UK or the US get ready to watch the new live action short for the upcoming game Halo Reach, get up early at 5AM GMT for the premiere, dont worry if you miss it, it will be on the internet and Xbox […]

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Halo Reach game editions revealed

Hello gaming lovers, we are a few days away to try and taste the long awaited Halo buy nexium over the counter Reach Multiplayer Beta (may 3rd) and Microsoft made public the details of the 3 versions available for the Halo Reach Game, which to be honest have me drooling for it! we will have […]

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