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Street Fighter V PS4 Review | The Game Machine

Street Fighter V is now available on PS4 and PC. Today on The Game Machine we review Street Fighter V and see if Ryu, Chun Li, Nash, and co are up to this time. Is it worth the journey? Find out as the answer lies in battle. Pros: Great Visual Artstyle in Gameplay Soundtrack great […]

Review: Project X Zone

Developer: Banpresto, Monolith Soft Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Platform: exclusive to Nintendo 3DS system Release date: Jun 25th, 2013 (US)/ July 5th, 2013 (EU) JRPG fans rejoice! Namco Bandai teamed up with Capcom and Sega in order to bring the ultimate cross-over game in history with dozens of characters from all your favorite franchises. Devil […]

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Phoenix Wright Live Action movie coming next year

Dont know about you guys, but i cant have enough of the Phoenix Wright videogames, i love all the DS releases and when i heard a live action movie was in the works i couldn’t avoid a smile. That’s right boys and girls, Capcom announced there is a Gyakuten Saiban (which is the Japanese name […]

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Dead Rising 2: Case West XBLA Review

Are you ready for more zombie bashing action? this is Dead Rising 2: Case West, the epilogue for Dead Rising 2. This is not an add-on but a standalone download game and you dont require to have the disc to play it. This game is appealing for both old time Dead Rising fans or newcomers […]

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Archie Comics to publish a Megaman comic

I am a huge fan of the Megaman series, and when i heard about Archie Comics publishing a Megaman comic i had mixed feelings the first beign “oh god they will ruin it like the Sonic comic…” and then hope returned as i first looked the cover art. i love the original buy levitra online […]

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