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FFXI Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition Review

Months ago Square Enix released a new Final Fantasy XI compilation for the PC via digital distribution (Steam), named “Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition”. What’s most notorious is a lack of a Xbox 360 release, but expected, as there is an “Ultimate Collection” available for the console lacking only the Abyssea battle scenarios […]

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Final Fantasy XI – Voidwatch: The Second Chapter

The upcoming version update will feature a new installment of the Voidwatch battle system. That is right fellow adventurers, the second chapter in the recently added Voidwatch battlefields will be released soon, this bring new monsters to defeat and of course new gears for you to glut your already scarse storage (died a bit on […]

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Final Fantasy 11: Fantastic Fraulein Mumor!

It is that time of the year and the Sunbreeze Festival returns to Vana’diel, if you are an avid Final Fantasy 11 player you know what this means! If not, let me introduce you to one of my favorite festivities in the game. What would the Summer Breeze be without Fantastic Fraulein Mumor and her […]

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