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New Year Indie Giveaway!

Hope these holidays was good for you, while christmas is gone there’s still gifts for all of you! On this occasion we will give out several indie titles for PC and the Nintendo WiiU (north american region codes). What do we have to choose from? Here the list: 99 Levels to Hell Epic Battle Fantasy […]

[Closed] Giveaway: Win Gunman Clive for Steam!

Don’t miss the chance to win a Steam code for Gunman Clive! With a very unique style that remind us some good old school NES platforming this indie title is a must have in your collection! In the year of 18XX, the west is overrun by thugs and outlaws. A group of bandits have kidnapped […]

Giveaway: The Animecourtyard Indie-Palooza! Week Two

Hello friends, this is the second Indie-Palooza we are hosting this year, most likely the last giveaway we host before this year ends. Happy holidays, thanks for the support and wishing you the best for 2014! Like the last week we have some juicy indie games for you, plus a grand prize with indie gala […]

Giveaway: The Animecourtyard Indie-Palooza! Week One

Hello friends, this is the first of two giveaways we will host before the year 2013 goes bye bye, so expect another round of indie game goodness soon! This time around we have we have many indie games and bundles to giveaway, Indie Gala October Bundle, Indie Gala Codemasters, Indie Gala Red Faction full bundle […]

Giveaway: Flying “Moonrise” Bundle

For a chance to get some cool games enter our giveaway, courtesy of The Flying Bundle! Ten cool indie games for a lucky winner, The Flying "Moonrise" Bundle.

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