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NEW PEOPLE Travel Interview film and anime director Katsuhito Ishii

The latest NEW PEOPLE Travel issue features an exclusive interview with Katsuhito Ishii, the famed creator of the anime racing film, Redline, the live-action movies, The Taste Of Tea and Funky Forest (both available from NEW PEOPLE Entertainment), and the anime portion of Kill Bill. His article is posted now for readers at www.newpeople.jp/travel/eng/ishii.html. Katsuhito […]

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Toradora~! (Review)

“There’s something in the world that no one has seen before. It is something gentle and very sweet. And if you had been able to put your eyes on it, then you would yearn for it. That’s why no one has ever seen it. The world hid it so that no one could get their […]

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Been A Bit, Hasn’t It?

It has been forever and a day since I last said something on here… and for that, I apologize. I just felt like sharing some of my thoughts on a few things. First, let me start off by saying I was pleasantly surprised with E3 this year, but equally disappointed. Microsoft had a very strong […]

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New Music Being Added, Possible Forum Switch.

Just a real quick update here. Been pondering all morning about what should be done with the site, what could make it more attractive, what would draw people in, what exactly is Anime Courtyard? My initial goal for Anime Courtyard was to be a nice anime commuinty, where people could come, and talk about what […]

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Kämpfer Episode 7: After Thoughts

Okay, after watching Kämpfer eps. 7, my thoughts have changed a little on the show. Let me just say after watching the first 6 episodes, I couldn’t really get a grasp of a possible plot, other than it being Guy can turn into a Kämpfer that so happens to have to be a girl, guy’s […]

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