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Some news before 2011 is gone

So that special time of the year is coming and Gendo Claus is coming to town! Ho~ Ho~ Ho~! It has been some time since posting any news, my sincere apologies to our readers. There’s been many ideas and projects i wanted to make a reality but alas, i did not, mainly for lack of […]

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Lupin the 3rd returns to Japanese TV

Lupin the 3rd is making a comeback with a new TV special titled “Chi no Kokuin ~ Eien no Mermaid” and is going to be aired on december 2nd, even though it’s a TV special and not a TV series it’s good to see more of the classics making a comeback! With designs by Takeshi […]

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Review: Otomedius Excellent (Xbox360)

Otomedius Excellent the sequel to Otomedius G; the second in the series but the first to reach American shores, this japanese shmup pays homage to the classic Gradius series and the different spin offs of the classic titles from Konami including Parodius, Salamander, Axelay, Goemon and even the Castlevania games. The game feels like a […]

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No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Review

Konami brings to our consoles the sequel to the popular No More Heroes. Originally released for the Nintendo Wii, this fantastic game returns to the Playstation 3 as No More Heroes ‘ Heroes Paradise. Taking advantage of the ps3 capabilities the title has had a graphics overhaul and looks stunning.. and hey, nothing beats slicing […]

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New Supercell song featuring Hatsune Miku

We got news from the popular Japanese pop group Supercell, and the news is they got a new song with vocals from the Popular Hatsune Miku. The new song titled SEKIRANUN GRAFFITI, and it is up for grabs at ITunes and Amazon. So if you’re a fan of Supercell and the diva Hatsune Miku not […]

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