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Chrono Trigger Review (PSN)

Long ago, back in the 90’s when Seth Green had a girly haircut and we all used “rad!” to describe something cool, the 16-bit era was the golden age for gamers around the world. This fantastic RPG now considered to be one of the greatest of the genre was made, Chrono Trigger. Squaresoft released this […]

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Review: MLB Bobblehead Pros

Hey guys it is America’s favorite pastime, no it’s not fast food… it’s baseball! Fans of the king of sports rejoice as Konami continues to bring fun to the Xbox Live Arcade with MLB Bobblehead Pros, a sweet baseball game that will for sure hook fans of the MLB. Now, don’t let the look of […]

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Rayman Origins Around The World Trailer

Ubisoft released a new Rayman Origins trailer that looks so eye candy! the video shows gameplay of this new Rayman adventure with a very unique style. Dont ask me why but one of the music tracks in this new video remind me “The Three Amigos” hehehe. When the Glade of Dreams is overrun by “nefurrious” […]

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The Cursed Crusade Story Trailer

Another trailer for the upcoming title The Cursed Crusade from Atlus has been released, this video show us a bit of what we can expect in the story of this interesting game. Drooling much? well we are! Enjoy the trailer. Set against the backdrop of the Old World, two adventurers–both seasoned warriors–will quest across a […]

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NIS America brings Black Rock Shooter to america

Hello gaming lovers, NIS America bring us excellent news as they aquired the rights for the popular Black Rock Shooter. The playstation portable video game based on the high popular original animation video is finally reaching US shores! This is fantastic news for all of us anime and gaming fans. NIS will also bring the […]

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