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Review: Planetarian (PC)

Developer: Visual Art’s/Key Publisher: Sekai Project Platform: PC (Steam) Price: $7.49us Release Date: November 22th, 2004 (Japan), September 12th, 2014 (Steam) When I recently heard of all those new Visual Novel games that would be soon coming to Steam, Planetarian…

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Final Fantasy Type-0 heading west

An interview with director Hajime Tabata included in the Final Fantasy Ultimania Guidebook reveals there are plans for an international release of the title. Personally im not suprised, and most likely we will see this released next year (i hope!).…

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New Supercell song featuring Hatsune Miku

We got news from the popular Japanese pop group Supercell, and the news is they got a new song with vocals from the Popular Hatsune Miku. The new song titled SEKIRANUN GRAFFITI, and it is up for grabs at ITunes…

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NIS America brings Black Rock Shooter to america

Hello gaming lovers, NIS America bring us excellent news as they aquired the rights for the popular Black Rock Shooter. The playstation portable video game based on the high popular original animation video is finally reaching US shores! This is…

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Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Review (PSP)

NIS America brings us the third incarnation of this phenomenal series. Phantom Brave made its debut originally for the Playstation 2. Its next release Phantom Brave: we meet again was for the Nintendo Wii and now the last remake has…

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