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[Closed] Giveaway: Unstoppable Gorg and Stellar Impact

Okay it’s contest time…! first of all im sorry, had to publish this last sunday but timey wimey stuff got in the way, couldnt do it before. Thanks to our friends at Headupgames and The Bundlestars we have 2 games to giveaway (2 codes each), Unstoppable Gorg and Stellar Impact, great Tower defense and RTS […]

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Preview: Confrontation

We’ve had the chance to play a preview build Confrontation Developed by Cyanide Studio. This is a a new tactical strategy RPG title set in a fantasy world known as Aarklash, in which four factions are trying to gain control. The story develops around this rivalry and how new and abominable beings created by the […]

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Review: Eufloria (PS3)

We could define this game as “beautifully simple”, with very simple graphics in a minimalist style, that hooked me from start to finish, it was hard to get away from the tv thinking “i want more!”, not only for its unique graphics but the excellent gameplay this is a RTS worth looking, we talk about […]

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