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Real Anime, is there such thing?

Hello Anime lovers, today i am going to start by raising a question, is there such a thing as “real anime”? This may be polemical, usually Anime fans have a preference for a genre, name if giant robots, school life, *gasp* Hentai and what not, whatever is your cup of tea. Can you affirm the […]

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RIP Shingo Araki

Sad news for anime fans around the globe, Shingo Araki has died, was illustrator, producer, animator and movie producer. He worked on many anime shows including Devilman, UFO Robo Grendizer, Babel II, Lupin and Yu-Gi-Oh! just to name a few. But what made him known to a number of fans including me, was his work […]

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Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle Trailer TGS 2011

Without a doubt, Saint Seiya it is one of the best known and most popular anime of the world along with Dragonball Z and others from the popular Shonen Jump Magazine. Unfortunately there has been few titles based on the show and this fantastic anime do not have a strong presence in the world of […]

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