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The Last Federation Review

The galaxy is still young filled with different species that can be influenced to unite and become a peaceful united federation. You have the power and the ability to unite the galaxy together before differences in culture and thinking start to clash and fill the galaxy with war and greed.

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Operation Darkness Review

Often a good game can be overlooked and severely underrated, and this title published by Atlus is one of them. This tactical strategy RPG may not be as polished as players desired but still it is a good game for fans of the genre. Vampires, Lycans, Zombies and other supernatural creatures all taking part into […]

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First gameplay trailer Anomaly: Warzone Earth

If you like strategy or tower defense games this is a title to keep an eye for, it’s Anomaly: Warzone Earth. This time the concept is reversed and you are not the defense but the offense, time to defend the earth from the alien menace by taking the offensive, here’s the trailer. As you plan […]

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