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Review: Vroom Kaboom

Vroom Kaboom combines cardgame mechanics, vehicular combat, and tower defense genres into a single multiplayer online experience. The end result: chaotic destruction and a high skill ceiling, also playable in VR.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD PC Review

If you missed the chance to play these great titles on the PSN, PSP or the Vita now is your chance to enjoy Ultimate Monsters HD and have lots of fun with the Pixel Junk series.

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[Closed] Giveaway: Unstoppable Gorg and Stellar Impact

Okay it’s contest time…! first of all im sorry, had to publish this last sunday but timey wimey stuff got in the way, couldnt do it before. Thanks to our friends at Headupgames and The Bundlestars we have 2 games to giveaway (2 codes each), Unstoppable Gorg and Stellar Impact, great Tower defense and RTS […]

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Review: Dungeon Defenders

There has been nice tower defence games over the past months, but few as good and exciting as this one. After a long year the wait is over and fans all over the world can enjoy this fantastic title, we speak of Dungeon Defenders! The popular title for mobile devices has finally arrived to Xbox Live Arcade and did it with a blast.

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First gameplay trailer Anomaly: Warzone Earth

If you like strategy or tower defense games this is a title to keep an eye for, it’s Anomaly: Warzone Earth. This time the concept is reversed and you are not the defense but the offense, time to defend the earth from the alien menace by taking the offensive, here’s the trailer. As you plan […]

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