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Review: X-Men Destiny – Xbox 360

It is always welcomed to see titles from the Marvel Comics franchise, name it Spiderman or in this case The X-Men. I can't deny that i love the idea when new games show up. I simply can't wait to get in the game and start having fun with my favorite superheroes from the Marvel universe.

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Rayman Origins Around The World Trailer

Ubisoft released a new Rayman Origins trailer that looks so eye candy! the video shows gameplay of this new Rayman adventure with a very unique style. Dont ask me why but one of the music tracks in this new video remind me “The Three Amigos” hehehe. When the Glade of Dreams is overrun by “nefurrious” […]

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Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Review (PSP)

NIS America brings us the third incarnation of this phenomenal series. Phantom Brave made its debut originally for the Playstation 2. Its next release Phantom Brave: we meet again was for the Nintendo Wii and now the last remake has arrived to PSP. This game keeps the visual style we all love from NIS, a […]

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Project Ninja

This is an unedited press release about a new and very mysterious project named “Project Ninja”, there is a set of character images in the bottom of this post, is a game or a new comic? nothing sure at this time, even the “award winning” developer working on the title is a total mystery, what […]

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