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Anime Courtyard Radio Update (3/6/2010)

Yea! We live! Here’s the list of the recently added music… boy this was a pain making all the file name changes, lol. Baka Go Home by milktub from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Perfect-area complete! by Asou Natsuko from…

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Just A Quick Update. February 6, 2010

Just wanted to come on here real quick to say we’re still kicking. Cybermario’s been working on a new forum skin, which looks absolutely amazing… And I plan to get the radio back up be the end of the month……

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New Music Being Added, Possible Forum Switch.

Just a real quick update here. Been pondering all morning about what should be done with the site, what could make it more attractive, what would draw people in, what exactly is Anime Courtyard? My initial goal for Anime Courtyard…

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Anime Courtyard Radio is Live!

Yep folks, Anime Courtyard Radio is now live! Although what we have loaded on it at the moment is very little to what we want, but it’s a start! If you want to check out the station, it is listed…

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