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Indie Game: The movie Review

Indie Game: The Movie is a project that gives a spotlight and a very well earned recognition to independent (indie) developers around the globe. The movie focus and features 3 indie games that now are very well known among the gaming community; Super Meat Boy by Edmun McMillen and Tommy Refenes. Fez by Phil Fish […]

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Review: The War of the Worlds (XBLA)

Being a huge fan of Sci-fi, a title like this is something i was hoping to see for a long time, i was totally delighted with this. Other Ocean and Paramount Digital Entertainment bring The War of the Worlds to Xbox Live Arcade. First, let’s clear something up for those wondering if The War of […]

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Review: MLB Bobblehead Battle

It is October and it’s a good month for baseball, so why not grab a ball, a glove and go out to… nah why don’t we just turn on our Xbox 360 and play with MLB Bobblehead Battle from Konami? That’s right, this is the second installment in the MLB Bobblehead series for the Xbox […]

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Review: MLB Bobblehead Pros

Hey guys it is America’s favorite pastime, no it’s not fast food… it’s baseball! Fans of the king of sports rejoice as Konami continues to bring fun to the Xbox Live Arcade with MLB Bobblehead Pros, a sweet baseball game that will for sure hook fans of the MLB. Now, don’t let the look of […]

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Review: Orcs Must Die!

Tower defense genre seems to be in a hype lately with Orcs Must Die! and Dungeon Defenders. That is all good, it’s a nice refreshment from the current trend in videogames. This game is a fine example of how indie developers are the source of some of the most fun and entertaining titles in the […]

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