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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

Square Enix released a new batch of screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2, we cant get tired of seeing more about this fantastic game, and of coruse we hope you are as delighted as we are. Enjoy! Enjoy!

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Review: MLB Bobblehead Battle

It is October and it’s a good month for baseball, so why not grab a ball, a glove and go out to… nah why don’t we just turn on our Xbox 360 and play with MLB Bobblehead Battle from Konami? That’s right, this is the second installment in the MLB Bobblehead series for the Xbox […]

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More Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots, delight!

We just got new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII-2, as usual we drool for the fantastic details and promising gameplay of the upcoming title from Square-Enix. We at anime courtyard are excited as time for release gets closer, hope you enjoy the screenshots as much as we do! Also a piece of artwork was released, […]

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Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review (XBLA)

“War was never this fun!” is what defines this fantastic game. I do say that with a big smile and a pair of sore thumbs to prove it, after a session i was hooked from start to end of the campaign. As i played the game it was giving me a free ticket to memory […]

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The Adventures of Shuggy Review (XBLA)

Valcom Games brings us this summer The Adventures of Shuggy,a game that proves 2D is not dead. By playing with time travel and gravity mechanics this puzzle game is a nice break from many FPS flooding the market today that focuses more on graphics than gameplay value, this title for Xbox Live Arcade gives us […]

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