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New clips releases for SlugTerra: Return Of The Shane Gang

Hello anime lovers, here's a bunch of clips for SlugTerra: Return Of The Shane Gang. Another monster battle show, seems Shout Factory loves them as much as we do, enjoy!

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FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 “Enhanced Battle System” trailer

A new trailer for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 has been released, this time showing us the battle system. This is but one of the many trailers Square is about to release until FFXIII-2 is released next year. One more time the Paradigm system is present just like it was in Final Fantasy XIII, letting you assign […]

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New Gintama x EXILIM camera

The company Casio released a new Gintama x EXILIM camera that will make more than one Gintama fan jaw drop, yelling “i want one!” I personally love the idea and if i could, i’d order one for myself *heart beat* doki doki! These digital cameras record video and take still images, so what makes these […]

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New Hitman Absolution Gameplay Teaser Video

Hello gaming lovers, we got a new trailer from Square Enix, this time showing us a Gameplay Teaser for the upcoming title Hitman Absolution. If like us you cant wait to see more of this fantastic game, check out the video

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