NIS America Press Event 2015

NIS America Press Event 2015

NIS America held another press event this year on February 18th, hosted by NIS President Souhei Niikawa. This was Anime Courtyard’s 2nd time at the event and we were treated to the usual amazing amount of new game announcements, great food, game demos, and of course drinks. There was a lot of big news announced during the press event.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance the famous massive tactical RPG will debut on the PS4. The game will feature a ton of new gameplay mechanics such as Revenge Mode and Alliance Attacks. Disgaea 5 also plans to harness the power of the PlayStation 4 to bring a Disgaea experience that reaches epic levels of awesome.

NIS America is now focusing on next generation hardware when developing for console games. Yoshinori Terasawa, a producer at NIS America said that developing for the PS4 has been great adding  since the consumer is having higher expectations it is still a challenge “because we have to meet their expectations.”

Though NIS America is developing exclusively for PS4 when it comes to consoles, they will still publish games for other consoles. Rodea the Sky Soldier will be the first Wii U published title in the American and Europe market, developed by Prope and Yuji Naka the creator Sonic.  “What’s special is how reminiscent it feels to Sonic and NiGHTs, which will be a great connection with those fans,” Tiffany Chin, Marketing & PR Coordinator

This year I asked Mr. Terasawa why he wanted to become a game developer. He answered that “I played games ever since I was a kid.”  One of his favorite games growing up was Dragon Quest. He also was a huge fan of  Super Mario World and sport games.

In his free time now Mr. Terasawa likes to play video games with his kids. Playing games like Monster Hunter and Super Smash Bros. Wii U for the Wii U. His favorite character to play in Smash is Meta Knight.

NIS America is looking like it is going to be having an amazing year. It is quite an testament to their success given that they had an amazing previous year.  Doods this year is looking like to be a bunch of fun.




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