A Kingdom for Keflings XBLA Review

Few games give you a chance to use your avatar and the pleasure to kick your resource gathering workers to your wits, is there something better than that? (probably orange mocha frappuccino) that game is A Kingdom for Keflings released Wednesday 19 November 2008 for Xbox Live Arcade.

This is one city-building game, the story is simple, as a giant you have to help the Keflings build a kingdom and that’s it but the charm of this game don’t come from the lack of story line but the very special and relaxing pace the game has to offer.

You can pick a giant or your xbl avatar, personally i love to use my avatar and i think it was one of the main attractives when order tramadol from petmeds the game was out back in the day, nothing like a storm trooper kicking keflings uh? this is a little something the pc version lacks but do not make the game less fun to play.

The keflings gather resources for you, rock, wood, cloth and crystals, hese are the raw materials to start building the kingdom, you can grab a keflings and assign them task very easy, many times you buy tadalafil online canada will find yourself kicking them as they tend to go harvest a different area of the map and not that one you need to clean.
as they harvest, items for your giant will be discovered, these will aid you to walk faster and carry more materials.

assigning task to the keflings is easy

Relaxing Pace?
As stated before the game have a charming and relaxing pace you cant but love, specially after a long day at work or after a gaming session with 12 year old kids yelling at you in Halo, a kingdom for keflings scenery, music and gameplay offers this unique experience to the players.

Up to 4 players can join in multiplayer

the stress relief is nice but the game also offer a nice bunch of achievements that can be unlocked up to advanced stages of the game, keeping the player interested for a time, this include 2 multiplayer achievements and must say i am impressed how after 2 years people still host games and join games making it easier to complete the achievements, kudos for that.

There are 2 map packs in the marketplace, dont have these myself so that will be a different review 😉

Kicking Keflings becomes a habit :)

the same relaxing gameplay people love is also what make people feel the game is boring and this stack with the lack of a storyline, quests are nice but not enough to keep people interested.

Do not recommend to play the game for long periods of time (like playing it for 2-3 hours in a row) as monotony will be obvious and the charm will go away.

and unless you care much for the layout and how the kingdom looks (like me) the game may be boring after you complete the game.

Overall A Kingdom for Keflings is a nice title, if you like games like Sim City, Civilization, etc, i’m sure you will like it, if blowing up stuff is your thing the title may not be so attractive for you, still.. who knows you may like it and get addicted to kick keflings.

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