A World of Keflings XBLA Review

It was a pleasure to kick keflings in the first title and ninjabee games spoil us, giving us an amazing sequel to keep kicking keflings to our wits end, A World of Keflings has arrived and the improvements in this title are remarkable. I downloaded the game and could not stop playing until 2am, the storyline and gameplay are just great.

Yes we got one! Compared to the first title, now there is a nice and fun story line. You are frozen and theories such as an abandoned alien experiment or leaving your fridge door open may be the reason to why you ended up there. As you break free from your frozen prison you meet Bob and the Kefkimos. As you advance in the game you rescue Doug from the ice, and he is so impressed that he ask you to let them become your lackeys to help you build the kingdom, and to learn some of your awesomeness.

Here you meet a lost Kefling Princess and learn there are gates to travel between kingdoms. This is when your adventures begin as you must help her return to her kingdom. There are a total of 3 kingdoms for your exploring pleasure. The kingdoms consist of; the Ice Kingdom, the Forest Kingdom, and the Desert Kingdom.

Escaping from the ice, how you ended there anyway?

The amount of improvements in this game are noticeable and welcomed. Having three different regions to travel through as the story and quests advance, give the game a great diversity and breaks the monotony from the first title after long gaming sessions.

Having quests integrated in the storyline and not as one exclamation mark over the mayor makes the game much more enjoyable compared to the first title. This time though, it’s not just the mayor, but many of the different keflings you meet asking you favors and offering rewards by completing buy allegra 120 mg the quests. Completing the quests are entertainment and they dont feel like a chore for the player.

build cannons, make keflings fly and compose music!

Buildings and backgrounds have a new and stunning look, and the music is both catchy and relaxing. The same relaxing pace from the first title can be found in A World of Keflings, thus making it a winner.

Unlike before, now keflings level up and don’t need a building to improve their abilities. You are also given the chance to name the keflings. This time you improve your abilities by using magic potions and not by finding stuff around the maps. You can’t get every magic potion so you need to be careful selecting your new abilities.

One of the new improvements are the Nursery and the Sculptor. In the first title these were not very useful unless you wanted to decorate or add random stuff to your towns. These 2 buildings have a major role in the game as sculptures and trees are required to build houses and many other buildings (even the castle.) This in itself was a smart move, kudos Ninja Bee!

Lackeys make building much faster as Bob and Doug (among others) help you carry pieces to site faster and even help you finish some of them. This saves time and makes it less of a chore to make long trips to different workshops.

Autosave is a hell of a feature in a game like this, in the first game you could forget to save, build a lot and a shortage take it away in a blink (yeah happened to me) this is a more than a welcome feature in this sequel and a good asset that saves time and headaches.

The Desert Kingdom, one of three zones to explore!

Just like A Kingdom for Keflings, the game has the relaxing gameplay we love and the way quests and story line advance keep it interesting. You don’t feel bored to play it for long periods of time. Just like before the achievements are there from start to finish. Once more, the game is a great stress reliever and entertainment title for the player.

The way the game works make me think future DLC could be delivered as new kingdoms with new quests and story line, and why not, more achievements.

This is a title you cant missout on if you like City-building games. Happy kicking… err… I mean gaming!

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