Your friendly Neighbor Spide… er, Cybermario¬†(Owner & Editor in Chief)

  • avatar-bodyWebsite: Deviantart
  • First Anime: Robotech, Candy Candy
  • Favorite Series: Macross Frontier, Saint Seiya, Dragonball Z
  • Musical Interest: J-Pop, J-Rock, Rock
  • Hobbies: Draw, Learn Japanese, Videogames, Anime, Manga
  • Favorite Food: Pizza, Sushi, Rice
  • Tools of Trade: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Notepad FTW!
  • XBOX Live Gamertag: Neo Cybermario
  • PSN ID: Neo-Cybermario
  • Location: Mexico



Hello, My name is Mario. Living in Mexico and love anime, manga & video games. Love to learn stuff and draw among other things, one of my favorite flavors is vanilla and i have 3 cats, meow! I dislike soccer but love baseball. Video game and anime collector, dreamer and self proclaimed mad scientist!
Some of my favorite game genres are RPG’s and strategy, although i like games such as Halo 3 and Gears of War FPS’s is not one of my favorite genres.

Punkbuster (Staff Writer)


  • First Anime: Naruto, Elfen Lied, Chobits
  • Favorite Series: Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Digimon
  • Musical Interest: Techno
  • Hobbies: Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat
  • Favorite Food: Pasta
  • Tools of Trade: Notepad++
  • Location: Brazil

Anime Otaku, Retro-Console Collector, MMO Junkie, Image Board poster, Former NEET, currently an Engineering Student. I am 23 years old from Brazil, the land of huehuehue and trolling. My anime tastes usually include slice of life, comedies,
battle-of-wits, and ecchi themed shows. I love collecting old videogame consoles, specially Sega consoles. I’ve been watching anime since I were 14, thanks to my friends at school whom introduced me into the marvelous
world of anime, MMO games, and anime cons. Outside my hobbies I live a more-or-less normal life as an university student.

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