Adventure Time: Finn the Human DVD Review

Adventure Time: Finn the Human DVD Review

Adventure Time: Finn the Human is a fantastic compitalion of episodes from different seasons of the show. With over 16 fantastic episodes in one dvd that will be a delight of fans and a good opportunity for someone who does not know the show, and plans to start watching it. Plus if you like swag, Cartoon Nework got you covered!

The episodes included on this disc are as follows:

    1. The New Frontier
    2. The Lich
    3. Finn the Human
    4. Jake The Dog
    5. We Fixed a Truck
    6. Blade of Grass
    7. The Red Throne
    8. The Great Bird Man
    9. One Last Job
    10. Little Dude
    11. City of Thieves
    12. Conquest of Cuteness
    13. Who Would Win
    14. Ignition Point
    15. Furniture & Meat
    16. Sad Face

The DVD and backpack are enclosed in a transparent hard plastic case, depicting Finn in the front (Jake inside the backpack), sides and back of the case are translucid letting you see the backpack and dvd case with green mountains at the bottom. This case is perefect for display and to keep your items in pristine condition if you are into collecting.
DVD Case shows the very same art with an episode summary in the back.

Of course the star of this package is the bonus backpack which looks more as a small bag but still a neat collective for the fans, light green that sahres the design of Finn’s backpack as seen on the show.

Technical Info
Running Time: 176 minutes, Rating: TV-PG, Widescreen, DVD Region 1, Language: English

Undoubtedly Finn the Human is an excellent compilation that is perfect as a gift to kids and why not, for a slightly grown up fan who loves Adventure Time (Christmas Anyone?).
With a free backpack and a DVD with quality content, it’s a real steal for $24.98 . If you can get one you will not regret it, either as a gift or for yourself, highly recommended.

We give this dvd set an 8.5 out of 10!

*A review sample was provided for this review

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