Alien Breed 2: Assault Xbox Live Arcade Review

Some games are epic and when you have the main character saying, “They just picked the wrong son of a b**** to mess with!” you know you have a good game on your hands. This is “Alien Breed 2: Assault” the second chapter in the trilogy (Alien Breed 3: Descent was released hours ago) from Team 17, available on Xbox Live and Steam platforms and coming soon for PSN.

The story takes off right after Alien Breed: Evolution, where you play as Conrad and it is up to you to save your ship, The Leopold, from a disaster. You board this alien infested ship rebooting computers and repairing vital systems in order to detach your own ship and save the crew.

The tasks are not an easy feat, as hordes of aliens are in your way. And just to get this out there, this is not a game you can just run around blasting everything in your path. You need to be careful to save ammunition and health packs. Although you encounter dead bodies on the different levels, which add a nice level of challenge to the game. You can also find terminals to save your progress and buy ammunition or upgrades for your weapons.

Rebooting computers and fixing engines thru darkened levels with aliens appearing from the floor and walls make it thrilling and exciting. Even with that being stated, the game is not a survival horror and is not scary to play at all.

The game looks and feels good, giving you excellent and stunning cinematics, graphics with a nice gameplay. I have had comments about how the controls didn’t changed from the previous title, but then again why fix what’s not broken? I could not avoid having a retro dejavu as I played through this game. I had in mind titles such as Alien Syndrome (often compared to the original amiga release of Alien Breed) and arcade titles such as Aliens. (the arcade game, other alien titles were crap, except AvP) That is how much fun the game has been for me.

Not everything was as I expected, but every buy prednisone online usa game have its downsides. In this case I found melee to be far from useful, especially when 2 or 3 aliens reach you. It’s just as easy to run back and shoot them to death… or you could lose much more health just trying to melee your way.

The camera is good, but it’s not perfect. Sometimes you get the feeling it could be a bit more intuitive to show the best angle, but then again this is just a minor detail.

The game has 3 levels of difficulty that will challenge you to the end, be it Survival or co-op modes. The game also includes online features, such as Quick Match and leaderboards. If you enjoy sci-fi and shoot-em up titles, this game is definitely for you. Is this game worth 800 MS Points? Absolutely, YES! A title worthy to own in your game library for sure!

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