Ancients of Ooga Review

Ancients of Ooga Review

Hello gaming lovers, from the creators of the acclaimed A Kingdom for Keflings and Kaloki Outpost X we have a new and entertainment game: Ancients of ooga, if not a sequel it is considered by many the spiritual successor of the Arcade Hit Cloning Clyde.

In this interesting title the tribe of the Ooganians has been tricked, enslaved and their leaders killed by an evil race known as Boolis, and is up to you their great spirit to help them free the enslaved ooganians and revive their leaders to regain their long lost freedom.

As the great spirit you can possess any ooganian you released from their slavery, there is a total of seven tribes, each tribe of the ooganians have different strengths needed to solve the puzzles you will encounter along 50 plus levels in the game, there’s a 2 player mode by using buy levaquin online a second controller and a leaderboard but not a co-op mode via Xbox Live which is regrettable.

The game give you a good dose of humor and the puzzles are are interesting to solve, i like how the game combines puzzle and platformer (i wish more developers could release more platformer games, we really need them) with 3D graphics that give the game a colorful and cheerful look.
and may be just me but i had a Donkey Kong Country Dejavu at first (believe me that was a good thing).

Colorful and cheerful graphics are delightful

The music if not spectacular is quite good with tribal tunes that will make the game enjoyable as some noises from ooganians and boolis can be a bit repetitive, definitely the music is one of the strong points in this title.

The game delivers a good and relaxing gameplay experience as many Ninjabee titles do (an example is A Kingdom for Keflings) something i enjoy in a game after a long day before i head to bed.

Not everything in Ancients of Ooga is as expected, you can die an infinite amount of times with the only a penalty in your score but that is not enough of an incentive to avoid a death as you advance in the game, turning it into a trial and error sometimes and this remove some challenge from the game, having a fixed number of lives and finding items to gain some more could be good.

Would be good to have a boss battle at the end of each level to add a bit of challenge and content to the gameplay experience, this could break some of the repetitive routine in the different levels, who know maybe a sequel can bring us this and more?

Nonetheless Ancients of Ooga from NinjaBee and J. Kenworthy Entertainment is a good title, i did enjoy the game and if buy 1000 viagra you like the genre you should give it a try too, an Xbox Live title that will give you hours of fun.

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