Anime Courtyard Radio: Down, But Not Fallen. (Updated 12/9/09 @2:44AM EST)

Incase there were some who were wondering; Yes, Anime Courtyard Radio is down.

Reason being: I never got the payment invoice, so they cut the cord on us.

Does this mean ACR is gone forever? No. The server is technically back up, but I’m doing a service change to better fit what we have buy valtrex over the counter right now. We had a max user limit of 50 users… we peaked at maybe 12 users at one time, so we’re degrading our service down to 25 users max, saving me 3 euro a month for service. With that said, ACR should be back up, and completely running by tomorrow evening, tomorrow night at the latest. We also look to add some new songs in addition to the service change. But for now, just mainly wanted to bring those of you who care, up to speed on what happened with ACR, and what’s going to happen.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Update: Got an email today saying that the service hasn’t been changed yet… so the radio remains down… I’m a little disappointed… but oh well… it’ll get done.

Update 2: Still haven’t gotten the package change, or the invoice for it… so in all likely hood, I’m just going to switch hosts, cause this is pretty God da**ed ridiculous. So please, I continue to ask for your patience, and I promise the station will be back up by the end of the week.

i decided to play Final Fantasy 14 ever single day after work, never did anything to make my ideas work, instead i complained and sulked while i played MMORPG's every single day (up to this day!). One time i preordered 1000usd in anime figures i could not pay, don't be like me kids. 'lead follow or step aside not sure!'

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  1. hope you get better service with the new host!!!!!!


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