AquaPazza Hits North America on Nov. 19

AquaPazza Hits North America on Nov. 19


The news that Aquapazza hits north america has me excited, not only because it is a new fighting game with a 2D sprites retro look for the Playstation 3 but for the characters that are included in it! Being an anime fan i recognize some of the characters from Utawarerumono. These characters are not new to the gaming universe, there’s been a number of Doujin games and then a proper release for Utawarerumono for the Playstation 2 Which spawned the anime. That is but one of many games featured on the character rooster for this new title.

Having these being part of AquaPazza is great news for all the fans of the anime and fighting games, looking forward to see more, Kudos Atlus for bringing this to the west! More images below.


AquaPazza features:

  • -Up-to-date fighting specifications: The North American version of the game will feature all the content through the current Japanese arcade spec (ver. 2.01), which includes several new characters and improvements for tournament-grade action.
  • -An eclectic cast of characters: The 13 combatants in AquaPazza are a diverse bunch, from the studious bookworm Manaka who—no kidding—attacks with a bookshelf, to the lance-wielding, shield-carrying Sasara. Moreover, the Japanese voice track will be left completely intact.
  • -An in-depth partner system: Players select from one of the thirteen partners to accompany them. Partners assist players as one of three classes with one of four different actions. Players get rewarded for aggressive play styles and the partners add an additional skill element to help break defensive play.
  • -Tournament-level competition: Developed by Examu and Aquaplus, AquaPazza has a strong backbone of fighting game mechanics with twitch response times and super attacks.
  • -A variety of gameplay modes: Each character has a storyline of their own, which unlocks the “another story” mode and an alternate ending. There’s also a time-attack mode, training mode, and a gallery mode.
  • Online play: Take to the internet to challenge players in ranked, unranked, and friends-only matches.

AquaPazza will be available for $29.99 beginning on Nov. 19. More information will be available on the game’s official website:

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