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ONE-PUNCH MAN Anime Series Debuts On Toonami

Great news for all the Saitama fans out there, VIZ Media and Adult Swim’s Toonami are teaming up to bring this popular anime later this month. That’s right, the hilarious anime is coming to america, so rejoice and enjoy one of the most hilarious shows in recent history. The action adventure about an uncanny superhero with a knockout punch is scheduled to premiere on July 16th (time to be ann...[Read More]

Playstation 4

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Guilty Gear XRD

New Year Indie Giveaway!

Hope these holidays was good for you, while christmas is gone there’s still gifts for all of you! On this occasion we will give out several indie titles for PC and the Nintendo WiiU (north american region codes). What do we have to choose from? Here the list: 99 Levels to Hell Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Guilty Gear Isuka Lethal League Level 22 Life of Pixel Neo Scavenger Nightmares from the Deep:...[Read More]

[Giveaway] Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions Prize Pack

Hello, how was christmas for you, a lot of gifts? I hope so, but there’s still more gifts for all of you. If like me you are an Star Wars fan you will love this. Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions Bluray is out now and to celebrate we have an awesome Prize Pack for five lucky winners! A fan will obtain this Star Wars Prize Pack: Talking Yoda Flashlight Yoda Lightsaber Star Wars Stor...[Read More]

Adventure Time: Finn the Human DVD Review

Adventure Time: Finn the Human is a fantastic compitalion of episodes from different seasons of the show. With over 16 fantastic episodes in one dvd that will be a delight of fans and a good opportunity for someone who does not know the show, and plans to start watching it. Plus if you like swag, Cartoon Nework got you covered! The episodes included on this disc are as follows: 1. The New Frontier...[Read More]

Review: Destiny (PS3)

Destiny has been one of the most awaited games this year and for good reasons, one it's Bungie, the acclaimed studio behind the highly popular Halo franchise. Known for creating awesome music and great universes within their games. The second is of course hype...

Review: Chaos Code (PS3)

Developed by FK Digital and published by Ark Systemworks we got a fighting game that's exclusively on the Playstation Network, but how good it is this contender compared to the big names of the fighting genre? Let's find out if Chaos Code has what it takes!

Viz Media to Deliver Simultanous Japan/US Manga Debuts

Was truly surprised to read this, also very excited to see we will be able to enjoy this feature via WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP digital manga magazine soon. Starting with JUDOS, a new manga title by the author Shinsuke Kondo. This is an awesome feature for the fans of Manga outside japan, we can only hope to see more and more manga titles taking advantage of this. VIZ Media will simultaneously premiere th...[Read More]

Review: R-Type Dimensions (PS3)

Developer: Tozai Games Publisher: Tozai, Inc. Platform: Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Store Price: $9.99 Release Date: May 20, 2014 (NTSC), May 21, 2014 (PAL) R-Type is a fantastic shoot ’em up arcade game created by Irem and was originally released in the year 1987. Several ports were made, including home consoles such as the TurboGrafx 16 and unlicensed carts for the Famicom. Most recently...[Read More]

VIZ Media Announces Release of new Pokemon Manga Box Sets

I love everything pokemon and this news has me really happy, VIZ Media will release two full manga sets really soon, the first being Pokemon Adventures Ruby & Sapphire, if you are into the hype for the upcoming remakes of Omega Ruby and Alpha Spphire, this is just perfect for you! All you have to do is visit Unplugged Gaming and find the best card set for you. The second set is Pokemon Adventu...[Read More]

VIZ Media announces the release of Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit on DVD and Bluray

I am truly excited to see this happening, i enjoyed Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit some years back and i am glad to see it will be released on Bluray and DVD. VIZ Media is releasing these disc sets this August 26th, if you enjoy the work of Nahoko Uehashi this is a must buy! The 26-episode series, based on a bestselling collection of Japanese fantasy novels by author Nahoko Uehashi, is rated ‘TV...[Read More]

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