Review: NEKOPARA Vol.1

Nukige on my Steam? It's more likely than you think. Our protagonist, Kashou, runs from home in order to open his own pâtisserie. Brings his two catgirls and makes them his girlfriends. Fun for the whole family.

Review: Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos

This is one of the several short Visual Novels being featured on Steam recently. Though I didn’t have high expectations for this game when I first started it, it turned out to be quite a good ride.Dysfunctional 01

Review: Sakura Spirit (PC)

Sakura Spirit is a very short Visual Novel with a fantasy-like feudal Japan setting. The plot centers around Takahiro, a normal teen from modern-Japan who is magically cast into a world that contains cute kemonomimi girls

Review: Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend is an otome visual novel about a human girl that attends a prestigious school for pigeons. The game is comical and absurd, not even taking the time to explain how or why pigeons have become intelligent and would attend school.

Review: Nimbus

A very interesting indie racing puzzler with amazing visuals, with very colourful backgrounds and interesting mechanics. If you want to know more of this cool indie title check out the review right here.

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