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i decided to play Final Fantasy 14 ever single day after work, never did anything to make my ideas work, instead i complained and sulked while i played MMORPG's every single day (up to this day!). One time i preordered 1000usd in anime figures i could not pay, don't be like me kids. 'lead follow or step aside not sure!'

Anime Courtyard Radio Suspended Indefinitely

Due to lack of interest, Anime Courtyard Radio has been taken down indefinitely. Whenever I see the time is right again, I will more than likely bring it back, but until then it will remain offline. There’s no use in me wasting my hard earned money for something no one even cares about.

Anime Courtyard Radio Update (3/6/2010)

Yea! We live! Here’s the list of the recently added music… boy this was a pain making all the file name changes, lol. Baka Go Home by milktub from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Perfect-area complete! by Asou Natsuko from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Anima Rossa by Porno Graffitti from Bleach (op 11) Shy Girls by Yahagi Sayuri & Kotobuki Minako & Hisaka Youko & Chihara Minori ...[Read More]

Just A Quick Update. February 6, 2010

Just wanted to come on here real quick to say we’re still kicking. Cybermario’s been working on a new forum skin, which looks absolutely amazing… And I plan to get the radio back up be the end of the month… so be patient with us, we are doing some things, lol. But that’s pretty much all I have to say. I’ve fallen pretty far behind on my anime viewing, so I need ...[Read More]

January 18, 2010: Arrapago Remnants Salvage. (FFXI)

Now, to take some time out, and enter the world of Vana’diel, particularly the role of an Adventurer from the nation of Bastok; Sleih. For this first account, we join Sleih (Shiva server) upon the Aht Urhgan endgame mission of Arrapago Remnants Salvage. Ok, after that lame start, I’m going to be talking about last night’s Salvage run of Arrapago Remnants. For those of you (which ...[Read More]

2010… New Decade Has Started. One Year And Counting.

Well, here we are… it’s January 16th already… I have been a lifeless sack-o-s*** to Anime Courtyard the last several weeks… There haven’t been any updates, no new projects, and no ACRadio. But do not fret, I believe the start to this decade, can also be the brilliant start to Anime Courtyard. We’ve already been around for one whole year! I find it simply amazing...[Read More]

Anime Courtyard Radio: Down, But Not Fallen. (Updated 12/9/09 @2:44AM EST)

Incase there were some who were wondering; Yes, Anime Courtyard Radio is down. Reason being: I never got the payment invoice, so they cut the cord on us. Does this mean ACR is gone forever? No. The server is technically back up, but I’m doing a service change to better fit what we have buy valtrex over the counter right now. We had a max user limit of 50 users… we peaked at maybe 12 us...[Read More]

Quick Entry for Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

Just wanting to get on here real quick and say how frustrated I am with things involving this website. But if someone actually cared, I wouldn’t be so frustrated! So, in turn I’ll be heading to Indianapolis to watch the streaking Indiana Pacers battle the New York Knicks at Conseco Fieldhouse. The Pacers look to improve upon their first 5 game win streak since April of 2005, as they sh...[Read More]

Anime Courtyard Radio Update: Over An Hour of New Music Added.

New songs added today 11/17/2009: Carry Me Away by Kagami Seira from Kaiba Never by Kagami Seira from Kaiba Light of Dawn by Annabel from Tatakau Shisho -The Book of Bantorra Wonder Wind by ELISA from Hayate no Gotoku!! (op 1) Tomare! by Hirano Aya, Chihara Minori, and Gotou Yuuko from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu S2 LET IT OUT by Fukuhara Miho from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (ed 2) Treasure by...[Read More]

New Music Being Added, Possible Forum Switch.

Just a real quick update here. Been pondering all morning about what should be done with the site, what could make it more attractive, what would draw people in, what exactly is Anime Courtyard? My initial goal for Anime Courtyard was to be a nice anime commuinty, where people could come, and talk about what they love, and hate in anime, ect. I feel that over the last several months, that goal has...[Read More]

Kämpfer Episode 7: After Thoughts

Okay, after watching Kämpfer eps. 7, my thoughts have changed a little on the show. Let me just say after watching the first 6 episodes, I couldn’t really get a grasp of a possible plot, other than it being Guy can turn into a Kämpfer that so happens to have to be a girl, guy’s crush falls for the female self, and it’s almost borderline hentai/yuri/harem fun fun with some action-...[Read More]

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