Battle: Los Angeles Review (XBLA)

Battle: Los Angeles is based on the movie of the same name. I have always been skeptical of these games as they only tend to be a bad experience for the players, trying to milk your money with a zero quality product.
As i played, I started to take a liking to the campaign in spite of everything that told me it would be a bad experience, despite some good details this is one of those bad games based on a movie… and not the quality that we know from Konami.
Now, I must clarify that I have not seen the film, and my opinions are based solely on game play itself, not comparing it with the movie of the same name.

Drones patrolling all over the city, can you survive?

The story is presented in comic style sequenses, which I like because I am a collector of these but I think there was a better way to present the history of the game.
Here the first thing that disappoints me, the reporter is a still image which has only one movement and really looks terrible. When I saw that I thought the game would be on a scale of utmost disaster.
As a game that complements, or is based on the film why not use some pictures or video of the movie? In my opinion would be more logical, unfortunately they did not.

Sniper is now your best friend

This is a typical FPS game that uses a cover and attack system, and is something used in too many games but if it works why not use it? in spite of the shortcomings i did enjoy the campaign.
Using the sniper, shooting down some aircraft with a rocket launcher or using the turret made it fun. Even so, defects are very obvious to say it’s a good title.
There are only four weapons not counting the turrets, this includes the sniper, assault rifle, rocket launchers and grenades.
The rocket launcher, really only available in two areas to shoot down enemy drones and apart from getting an achievement, has no further use.
The sniper becomes your best friend using the cover and shoot system, which removes all the variety even in “Hard “, as your strategy is the same no matter what difficulty you choose.
The variety of enemies is null, there are only foot soldiers and all with the same weapon. Soldiers with a kind of turret, And the drones that patrol the city and nothing else.
Despite the lack of variety in the enemies I was having fun in campaign, and right after i take down an enemy ship, onscreen a sign pops up, thanking me for playing (after such disappointment you do well thanking me!) that’s it… that’s the end?!

30 to 45 minutes maximum in campaign, the truth the only reason to play three different game modes is unlockables and achievements, as easy and normal do not offer any challenge, Hard mode is something else but it’s more frustration than anything else since enemies can kill you about as fast as the campaign goes, which is absurd, especially behind the turret.
Now, it would have been good if the game included co-op, but it does not, which is a real shame. In a game like this, co-op would have been quite fun to have played with friends.

Unlockables include movie clips (seriously, why not use them as part of the game?) and things like big-head mode, AND some pictures but not anything too relevant.

cover and attack, a must to beat the game

In conclusion, we can say that for 800 microsoft points the game is not worth it. Extremely short campaign, null enemies and a variety of gameplay was quite burned in this genre.
The game is fun for a while and mainly to obtain 200 gamerscore, but this franchise could have been better with more dedication in their development, alas was not.

we give the game a 6.5 out of 10


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