BattleBlock Theater news!

New screens and news from The Behemoth has been released, this time it’s about the Story mode for the game BattleBlock Theater, if you will attend PAX or one of the upcoming game shows this year you may be lucky to try a playable demo of Battleblock Theater.

Here’s a list of upcoming gameshows, there you may have the chance to try the playable demo:

PAX East (Boston, MA) March 11-13th

Tokyo Anime Fair (Tokyo, Japan) Business Days- March 24-25th; Public Days March 26-27th

Comic Con International (San Diego, CA) July 21-24th

PAX Prime (Seattle, WA) August 26-28th

We are excited to hear more from Dan Paladin of the story mode, if you want to know more head over The Behemoth Blog, enjoy!
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