Beyond Good & Evil HD Review (XBLA)

Beyond Good & Evil was originally released for different platforms including PC, Xbox, Game Cube & Playstation 2 back in 2003. the game makes a sweet comeback after a High Definition makeover. Beyond Good & Evil HD is the third title part of the Xbox Live Arcade, House Party promotion.
Created by Michel Ancel, best known for Rayman. Beyond Good & Evil the action-adventure game returns with overhauled character models, textures and music. So if you missed the chance to play this back in 2003, you can’t let this excellent game pass!

Set in a remote galaxy, in the futuristic mining planet Hillys. You play as Jade, a photo journalist and martial artist, along with Pey’j an inventor. In your place you give refuge to orphans that lost their families in hands of the invaders known as DomZ.
After an attack and needing money to keep the forcefield of the lighthouse working to protect the kids, you take a dangerous and fishy job request, knowing there will be perils but ignoring the real danger and the magnitude of the problem faced by the entire galaxy.

Jade and Uncle Pey'j ready to kick some alien scum

The IRIS Network is a wanted organization by the government and the Alpha Sections that have been keeping the peace and defending the planet from the DomZ.
Recruited by the IRIS, Jade discovers the Alpha Sections may be colluded with the DomZ. Who’s telling the truth and who is lying? It is up to you and old good Pey’j to unveil the mystery.

This is an action-adventure game with a twist of puzzle solving, by solving the puzzles you progress through different levels and of course the storyline.
You control Jade and the AI takes over Pey’j, but it’s up to you to co-ordinate the attacks of both, to create combos and defeat enemies, take actions to solve puzzles by opening doors, pull levers and more.
I probably make it sound more complicated than it really is. Pey’j and the other AI controlled characters attack or performs an action by pressing Y, it is easy and it’s well implemented.
There’s different ways to get credits, one by taking photographs of animals and insects to send to the institute, the amount of the credits you earn depends on the kind of photo. This includes taking shots in the middle of boss fights.
You can also gain credits, by obtaining shards of crystals you encounter in mines and by defeating monsters. By winning races with your hovercraft, or by playing and betting the mini games in the local bar to increase your credits even more.

travel, fight and race in your hovercraft

Either by buying in stores, searching in the maps or defeating bosses you can collect pearls. Pearls can be used to upgrade your hovercraft in the garage. This dandy vehicle will take you all over the islands and around the town. Transport is not the only use for it, the hovercraft will also serve as a defense with its integrated weapons when you come under attack and helps to defeat the invading threat.

The soundtrack for Beyond Good & Evil HD, nothing but praises! Music tracks are varied and of excellent quality, ranging from Caribbean music in Mammago garage or an alternate style in the local bar. The music perfectly complements the style of the characters and provides a unique environment to the different areas of town.

The DomZ, a terrible threat for the entire galaxy!

Beyond Good & Evil HD is a great game with lots to offer! The game returns to our consoles paving the way for the upcoming release of the sequel Beyond Good & Evil 2.
With good gameplay, an entertaining and eclectic twist for both story and characters, plus a great soundtrack! This is a game well worth the 800 Microsoft Points. Beyond Good & Evil HD shows that good classics never get old!

If you are a playstation 3 owner feat not, the game will be released on the Playstation Network later this year.

We give the game a 9 out of 10!


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