Bikes from anime and videogames to remember

Playing No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, the fantastic design of the bike our hero rides made me think “hmm akira” and i decided to compile a small list of memorable bikes from anime and videogames.

May not be a complete list, you may or not agree with it but i think a lot of you will like it, Vroooom vroooom… vroooom!

1) Akira
Without a doubt one of the most popular bikes in anime, Kaneda rides this powerful beast in the futuristic and highly acclaimed movie “Akira”. based in a manga by Katsuhiro Otomo. futuristic gang fights, secret agencies manipulating human genes and more, this powerhorse helped Kaneda survive the chaotic Tokyo of the future.

2) Chrono Trigger
A fantastic RPG that delighted players back in the 16-Bit era, Chrono Trigger is now a classic with thousands of fans around the world, with artwork and designs of the master, Akira Toriyama.
Chrono and the rest of the guys met Johnny in the future, a jetbike cyborg that challenge your party to a race, one memorable character!

3) Armored Genesis Mospeada
Known in the USA as Robotech (which was made of 3 different anime shows) Mospeada featured some amazing mecha designs by Shinji Aramaki (Megazone 23, Astro Boy: Tetsuwan Atom). Including bikes named “Cyclone”. These awesome bikes was not just a simple ride for soldiers fighting the evil alien menace, they was able to transform into a powerful armor for the pilots allowing them to fly or launch missile barrages.

4) Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Not as cool as Zoolander but Cloud always had style, proof of that his ride from the CG movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Fenrir, the new motorclycle was designed by Takayuki Takeya and is an upgraded version of the popular “Hardy-Daytona” we all know from the popular classic Final Fantasy 7.

5) Halo 3 Mongoose
The Halo universe is rich not only in storyline and imaginative races, but also one of the strong points of the trilogy was the impressive designs from Bungie.
And one all time favorite is the Mongoose, how many times you flipped upside down after a jump, destroyed your rival’s Mongoose with a rocket launcher or just piled them together in forge for a huge explosion? hahaha.

6) No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise
Travis Touchdown not only has a badass sword but an awesome ride, The Schpeltiger. As the first Schpeltiger was destroyed in the first game he now rides the revamped version, known as The Schpeltiger II (see below) which is even larger than the original.

7) Rideback
Rin Ogata, a famous ballet dancer was decided to abandon her career after an injury. Some years later she met the mecha bike races known as RIDEBACK. These bikes can transform in a sort of mecha, Ridebacks are used for both racing and war machines. She finds a special connection to a very special Rideback named Fuego. As she become part of a racing team she will get involved in mayor events that will change her life.

Self proclaimed Anime Courtyard mad scientist. Cat person and anime lover. Hobbies include drawing, videogames and saving this realm from alien invaders.

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