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Review: Kandagawa Jet Girls

A new IP about cute girls doing racing in jet skis. The unique atmosphere of this drift boost racer is brought down by several flaws, but is it worth playing?

Review: Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal

Originally a title on the Nintendo 3DS, Senran Kagura Burst and its sequels gained a huge following of fans both in Japan and in the West. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the game has been remade for consoles, with a proper budget and a PC port.

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Sumioni: Demon Arts Review (Vita)

Developed by Acquire and XSEED Games we have got this new adventure for the PS Vita called Sumioni: Demon Arts. With an Okami dejavu and a creative use of the hardware capabilities of the portable, this game takes us back to the ancient feudal Japan, fighting armies, mythical beasts and what not. Does this title […]

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Samurai Shodown Sen Review (XBLA)

Samurai Shodown is a franchise of games that’s been present since the early 90’s, and this title Samurai Shodown Sen is one of the first in this popular saga that arrives at the Xbox 360. With a somewhat different format changing the 2D sprites for a 3D style that many of us know does not […]

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Ragnarok DS Review

Published and localized by XSEED in the year 2010, Ragnarok DS came to the American continent.This title based on the known and popular Ragnarok Online comes to the Nintendo DS, but does the game meet the expectations of the fans of the MMORPG or is it just a failed attempt by Gravity and GungHo? let’s […]

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