Castle Crashers PS3 Update!!

Yes friends we got news from the Mayor of Behemothtown, and is an update for the new Castle Crashers coming soon for the PS3 later this year, in this new update they show us a video of the new volleyball mini game exclusively for the PS3 version, this replace the “All you can Quaff” mini game from the Xbox 360 version (lucky PS3 owners, they got a better mini game)

Also the addition of new trophies not found in the Xbox 360 version such as “Social Networker” which replace “Glork” from All you can Quaff and a new trophy for buy paxil cr online beating Insane Mode which certainly will enourage some fans out there to level up their characters and party with friends.

Screen of the new Volleyball mini game

At this time i dont know if the Alien Hominid Knight can be unlocked in the PS3 version of the game, as you may know you unlock the Alien Knight by having at least one Alien Hominid HD achievement in the Xbox 360, hoping to hear something from The Behemoth about this and when i do be sure i will have it in the blog for you to read.

If you want to take a look to some screens and the volleyball gameplay video head over to The Behemoth Development Blog, until next time and keep gaming!

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