Cyborg Grandpa-G – By OBATA Takeshi

Welcome to the world of Cyborg Jiichan-G (also known as Cyborg Grandpa-G) meet Tokijirou Kaizou, a brilliant scientist that decided to turm himself into a cyborg to take care of his plot of land and farm vegetables (yes he turned himself into a cyborg to be a farmer)
Serialized in the year 1989 in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine for a total of 4 volumes, the art is not outstanding or out of the ordinary but it’s a very hilarious manga which make it something enjoyable for the reader.

Cyborg Grandpa G Cover

If you liked mangas such as Doctor Slump (by Akira Toriyama) you will love Cyborg Grandpa-G a lot, it contains that kind of wacky humor and crazy characters!


brilliant scientist, decided to turn himself into a 2000 horsepower cyborg to take care of his plot, his dream is to have the whole family converted into cyborg farmers (something the family is against) he often improve tools or vehicles that by a twist of fate always end in the hand of villains as massive destruction weapons and is up to G-Chan to stop his own creations.

FX: GON (he did hit his head)

G-Chan’s Family

They don’t make much appearances but as secondary characters buy zoloft online usa except for G-Chan Grandsons Kei Kizou (11) and Ai Kaizou (14) that end turning into delinquent kids result of traumatic experiences with G-Chan (something he dont realize and wonders why they end like that).


G-Chan’s grandson desire to have a dog and after an argue with his parents G-Chan presents him his own Cyborg dog with 1000 horse power and match 5 speed, Gantetsu!

(likes to drink tea and steal G-Chan car for a ride)


Evil dreadful scientist working as a professor in a girl’s school until 5pm and by night he plots to conquer the world, nemesis of G-Chan and also want to turn himself into a cyborg.

His grandson is on love with Ai Kaizou which lead to some funny situations, his grandson is also a scientist.

G-Chan arch rival and evil scientist

Cyborg Hunter Z

A new enemy appears as G-Chan head’s have a price, this new enemy is a cyborg hunter with deadly attacks and special armor, and armor made or kitchen tools!
Eh ends as G-Chan apprentice and want G-Chan to turn him into a cyborg, he now lives in the Dog’s house (Gantetsu).


She is the late wife of Tokijirou Kaizou (G-Chan) and he decided to bring her back buy ultram mexico to life as a cyborg, G-Chan saved her brain with preserved food in the freezer for 10 years, G-Chan’s family are in shock as they remember her to be a nasty old hag..

What could be...

G-Chan’s planned to revive her as a beautiful maiden in her ealy 20’s (she actually looks like the tv idol G-Chan likes) but there was an accident and the result was an old version of her with amazing heavy metal powers and one of the worst attitudes ever…

.. ended in a tremendous heavy metal disaster!

This but a sample of what you can find in the manga, there are more characters, parodies and stuffim sure you will enjoy, i highly recommend this manga if you want have a delightful and entertainment reading.

Cya and happy reading!~

Self proclaimed Anime Courtyard mad scientist. Cat person and anime lover. Hobbies include drawing, videogames and saving this realm from alien invaders.

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