Dark Souls 2 – Hands-On event First Impressions

Dark Souls 2 – Hands-On event First Impressions

bandaiOn Tuesday the 7th of February I was invited by namco Bandai to take a look at the game dark souls 2, the experience was a fun one but indeed an experience that i felt was an enjoyable one too.
Lets start by looking at the games mechanics, the controls where rather sluggish as the game had minor lags that enabled the enemy to get a jump on me quickly, as i was playing on the PS3 version so i wasn’t able to compare the controls with other systems.
The controls are extremely similar to the previous carrying over from the first game which makes a smooth transition in terms of similarity.

The Graphics are alot smoother too, the cut scenes seem more elegant and manages to get the story across more beautifully, the character models are smoother and more textured giving you a more human feel of your character.
The story focuses on the the characters journey into the afterlife after leaving his family behind for the land of the dead, its a story led by emotion and brings a new approach to the series that most would have seen go stale after the first but has had new life brought in.
In terms of the previous game Dark Souls 2 maintains the difficulty level of the first managing to maintain the difficulty level of the first, enemies attack in packs, killing you as soon as you step through the door to a new location, it’s fun but you find yourself back tracking and farming in order to grow stronger and deal with low level enemies.

There is also diversity in the way you play through the games levels choosing whther or not to ally yourself with in game characters or to fight them in order to level up, problem being that you may miss a large chunk of in game information that may help you along the way.
The game stands the test of time bringing new life to the dark souls franchise, after playing the game i can’t wait to actually sit down and play the full version, there are tons of new levels and characters that stand out in a game that will be worth every penny.
So finally i give the game a score of 10/10
Even though it lagged abit i feel it can be resolved in the final version, great job Namco/Bandai!

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