DC Universe Online: Life after F2P – anger and segregation

Has been six days since DC Universe Online went the free to play route on last november 1st. The amount of people downloading and joining the game has been truly overwhelming, there is both positive and negative aspects for the fans of this MMORPG.
The opening to F2P players to DC Universe Online arised old and new problems for the community. Including huge and sometimes absurd login queues, I’m not exaggerating when i tell you this. You can try to log and you will be number 6000 in line waiting for 20 to 30 minutes, just to play.

DC Universe Online

If that was not all, the Megaservers they moved to months ago to sort some issues, seems to lack the power to sustain the huge amount of new players, making you freeze, lag to death (literally) or stay trapped in a map without exit as NPC’s and enemies dont load at all, forcing you to quit the game, going back to the dashboard , boot DC Universe Online and try your luck with the login queue again.

What is sad and truly a shame is how members of the community are segregating the new F2P players that just joined the community, pay to pay players ask people in their groups who is free to play and they are kicked if they admit they are indeed… free to play players.
Insulting newcomers in the chat or going right after them in PvP and i quote “let’s gank them, keep them out of the servers!” Blaming them for the amount of issues that arised with the servers in the past days.

It’s understandable they paid to play the game, they can’t and feel frustrated, but F2P newcomers are suffering the same bugs and problems the P2P players. Insulting newcomers that are trying the game for the first time and are potential legendary package buyers is not the answer and is just hurting the image of the DCUO community.
I have been reading a lot of their forums in the past week, many complained how the lack of population made it hard to get raids done, and this regretable and irrational attitude from some veterans, will scare away some of the new players that probably… was going to revive old content and keep the communtiy alive for more years.
Of course, not everyone is joining the witch hunt in search of scape goats, a fair amount of veterans realize this is not a blame to pin on the newcomer F2P members but the lack of prevision from the developers and programmers.

DC Universe Online

To the community, be nicer guys. The newcomers are not the enemy and veterans should not take their frustration to them, you are just hurting DCUO and im sure is the last you want to do, remember you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Show newcomers DCUO is not a bad place full of jerks, best publicity is word of mouth don’t forget.

When you have a franchise like this, and we are speaking of DC Comics, you cant expect a sightly increase in the base player population if you go free to play, the amount of people joining was overwhelming and clearly SOE was far from ready for something like this.
We can only hope SOE can sort issues that seems to have been floating around for months plus the new problems F2P created for the community. DC Universe Online is not a bad game. Both, the veteran P2P and new F2P players deserve more respect, they’re all are trying to enjoy a game that at the moment is barely playable.

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  1. I would be celebrating if FFXI went F2P, but I could also see what is occuring with DCUO occuring on any other MMO that was P2P originally, except FFXIV since that game needs any bit of help it can get lol. But basically I take this as saying to me “This is not the time to try this game.” Which I won’t. Nice write-up though.


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